ES-Tec Motorsports

Since 2009, the ES-Tec GmbH has actively supported motor sports. Over the years, this involvement has resulted in many interesting contacts, and the idea to intensify the topic and develop it as a company project. Within the team there were motor sports enthusiasts and trained car mechanics with racing experience who got together in 2013 in order to realize the “ES-Tec Motor Sports” project.

After a short planning phase, the conversion of the 200-horsepower VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI, specially purchased by us for this purpose, into a race car was begun. The objective was to obtain approval for road use. The possibility of upgrading to a Scirocco R came in the middle of 2014. The conversion was carried out within two months and all available motor sport parts and components were used.

With the many years of bundled racing experience, the technical expertise, and comprehensive practical work experience we want to push a safe vehicle to its limits on a racing track. The main area of use is the Nürnburgring-Nordschleife.